Monday, August 16, 2010

On The Radio...

My favorite part of starting up the work week you ask? My morning commute! Honestly, I hate the Dallas traffic to no end. (That's why I leave my house at an insanely early hour to get to work before the traffic is completely terrible.) But there is one thing I completely adore - Dallas radio stations! More specifically, their advertisements/public service announcements. I don't recall memorable ads in Nebraska, but there are two ads I absolutely love down here.

1) The PSA
2) The Natalie Merchant advertisement

1) Where do I even begin with the public service announcement? Everything is so RIGHT about that commercial. First off, my favorite part is the creepy guy narrating the thing. He sounds SO into breast milk, as if he has some sort of special connection women providing whole milk to their young infants. (Which he probably a sex offender/perverted way). Also, did you know that breast feeding is 100 percent A-OK in public in Texas? That would explain why I saw a women breastfeeding her newborn while walking in the mall a few weeks ago. As if pregnant women in public being legal isn't enough, now they're just allowing breastfeeding? (Only kidding - of course pregnant women are okay to be in public. I just can't live my pregnant women blog down.)

Also, did you know that women who breastfeed burn over 600 calories extra per day? How do I sign up for that? Do you have to have a kid to breastfeed? Is breastfeed one word or two words? I actually have no idea. So forgive me if I've been spelling it wrong.

2) This morning, I heard an awesome ad for a Natalie Merchant concert and immediately wanted to go. Well, until I realized Natalie Merchant was not the singer of the Dawson's Creek theme song and then I didn't really care. (FYI the singer of "I don't wanna wait" is Paula Cole I guess. Who knew? They sound exactly the same!) Anyway, this ad was especially great because the guy narrating the ad was whispering. I'm sorry sir, I can't hear you. Is the Natalie Merchant concert a secret? I think I heard it was at an AT&T performing arts center downtown, but I'm not completely sure. Either way, it sounds really elite and secretive. Sign me up! If only I could have heard the date and time of the concert...

Thanks to those two commercials, I'm ready to start my Monday off in the right direction! Here's to another work week, folks. Hope y'all have a blessed day.

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  1. HAHA I heard that breastfeeding one. It reminded me of my love of BOOBS. Also google says breastfeeding is one word.