Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 2: O...M...G...!

If you haven't read Jessica's post yet, you should. Just so you can be prepared for what I'm about to say.

Remember the last sentence of my previous post where I mentioned keeping my fingers crossed that I don't shit my brains out? Well, I'm going to say this in the classiest way possible: Crossing my fingers didn't work.

We woke up this morning at 8 A.M., took our pills, and then went to work out. I put in a hard 30 minutes on the elliptical, and by the time I was done had to focus as hard as I could on not throwing up. I felt disgusting. My tummy hurt and I felt as though I could puke. We got back to the apartment, ate a bland breakfast of eggwhites and oatmeal once again. I hopped in the shower and started getting ready for work. Jessica and I both got stuck in our separate bathrooms and were only able to communicate through texting about what we were both going through. Let's just say that I ended up running late for work...

I'm currently dreading tomorrow morning. I have to be drive on the interstate for an hour tomorrow morning and have a dermatologist appointment at the nearly the same time that the "side effects" took place. God be with me on my drive. I'm hoping that everything escaped my system today...

Day Two: Honesty

I swear I don't normally blog this much. In fact, I'm only trying to avoid doing homework. However, I thought I should share a little honesty with you about QuickTrim.

If you know Jacy and I at all, you know we're people. Probably just short of borderline vulgar. I typically wouldn't touch upon this subject as girls are supposed to be "lady-like." However, after spending two years traveling with the men's gymnastics team, their vulgarness was bound to rub off on me.

When creating this blog, Jacy and I wanted to be as open and honest as possible when discussing the QuickTrim pill for several reasons. A) It hasn't been FDA approved yet, so if we died while taking it, you would all know it was because of the eight pills we take a day. B) It just came out on the market, so there isn't a lot of information about it. And C) The only information about QT comes from Kim Kardashian, a celebrity spokesperson. And we all know how "honest" celebrity spokespersons are.

Now onward with my honesty. If you're going to consider taking QT, I think you need to know one thing and one thing only: Scout out the closest bathrooms. You are supposed to drink 93 ounces of water in one day. Literally I've peed every half-hour since my first liter of water. UGGGHH.

Also, QT is a detoxifying diet. It removes alllll toxins from your body. So, I'm just saying, be pre-fricking-pared. I would avoid airplanes and all public transportation. If you're a student, sit close to the nearest exit in the back of the classroom and wear running shoes.

It's only the beginning of Day Two, so I'm sure Jacy and I will have more honesty to share as the day goes on.

Day Two: Awkward Gym Moment

Jacy and I went to the workout room this morning hoping to bust our asses on the treadmill and elliptical, but sadly another girl was already on the treadmill. Naturally, Jacy takes the elliptical and forces me to take the really shitty bike machine. So we're both working out hard and all of a sudden we both get a wiff of something stinky in the air. We both kind of look at each other like, " that you?!" Nope - sure wasn't either of us. Then the girl on the treadmill up and leaves, crop dusting the entire workout room as she goes.

Who in the hell lets go of stinky, nasty farts when there are only two other people in the workout room? Process of elimination, my friend. Next time, I hope she goes out in the hallway or something.

Day One by Jacy!

Hey ya'll! It's the other Schwager sister, Jacy, giving this whole blogging thing my own shot. I would just like to tell everyone not to judge my writing style when it's right next to Jessica's. We must all remember that she is an English major and is bound to write better than I do! Okay, with that stated, I can now spend time filling you all in on my side of the new QuickTrim Diet we've started!

I read Jessica's post and I know that she filled everyone in a bit on why she has chosen to go on this diet, so I feel as though I should do the same. I'm going to be honest: I currently am 5'8" tall and weigh 150 lbs, which by the standards of the BMI index is actually healthy weight. But if you were to look at a scale that I was standing on 5 months ago you would see a reading of 135 lbs. That's right ladies and gents: I've gained 15 pounds in 5 months. Actually, that's a lie. I gained it in 3. Between March and June I somehow managed to gain 15 pounds and have gained a whole 20 lbs. since I graduated. I blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol (ha), and the fact that I never work out and basically stopped caring about myself. I participated in volleyball, basketball, and ran mid-distance in track in high school and also OBSESSED about my weight. I'll be honest when I say that I had a pretty dang hot bod in high school, even though I wasn't aware of it at the time. To me, it was never good enough. This belief lead me to partake in some very unhealthy habits - some of which verged on "disorders" at times. I guess I'm speaking for myself and Jessica when I say that I know for a fact that we have always been very self-conscious about our bodies. Now, I know that it's good that I am no longer partaking in "disorderly" ways of losing weight, but I think it's about time we both start to take pride in what we look like!

Jessica was going to start this on her own and go through the 14 days, and if it worked, I was then going to do it. But we know that we have a very difficult time sticking to diets, so we thought if we both did it at the same time we would have better success.

We had our "last supper" last night at IHOP at 1 in the morning. BAD idea. We didn't get to bed until 2:30 and due to work today, we only managed to get 6 hours of sleep before having to get up again and work out. Although we may have woken up feeling like big squishy piles of poop from the greasy IHOP, the point is that we actually woke up! I didn't have time to work out for the full hour at once like she did due to the fact that I had to get ready for work, but I still put in a good 45 minutes of running on the treadmill and stationary biking, while she worked her bumoley off on the elliptical and treadmill for a whole hour. As she stated, after we worked out, our pills had kicked in and we were WIRED by ten in the morning. After a bland breakfast, I got ready for work, ate a bland lunch, and then headed off to get my butt kicked by a 9 hour shift at the Olive Garden. I got to work and seriously could feel the QuickTrim working. My body temperature heated up and I just sweated consistently. Then I also realized that I was slaving over steaming gallons of soup, and considered that might have had something to do with it as well.

I barely got a 15 minute break between work shifts, so I hustled over to the mall and stopped by Subway and asked for a chicken breast. Yep, just one chicken boob was all I wanted. After negotiating past two completely befuddled employees, Subway managed to provide me with a chicken breast and some green peppers...all for the low cost of $0.54. No joke. And it was a dang good chicken breast too (and I took it with 2 more QT pills). The funny part about this all is that I expected it to cost more and ended up purchasing a $0.54 chicken breast with my debit card. My bank's going to think I'm a nutter. Woops.

Okay, I'm getting windy. I'll try to make this quick. The two more pills jacked me up and helped me make it through another 4 1/2 hours of serving countless Neverending Pasta Bowls. I made it home, ate some turkey breast and grapes, got geared up, and went back down to the fitness center to put in another hard half hour of sweat.

For once in my life, I feel determined to actually complete this goal. I'm one of those people who never actually sets goals for fear of not reaching them. That's why we want it to share it with people. YOU hold us accountable for achieving this. And hopefully, we can do our part in helping to make somebody else who reads this realize it's possible to achieve theirs as well. That may sound Corny Collins, but it's super true. :)

Now, I'm off to take my four nightime "cleanse" tablets. Pardon my French, but I'm crossing my fingers that they don't make me shit my brains out.

Stay tuned!

Jacy Louise

P.S. The picture is one taken from November of 2007 and then one taken from July of 2009. I'm using the cowgirl one as motivation. :)

Day One: Part II

Jess here again. Day one is almost through and I feel like I've done a great job so far! I worked out for an hour this morning and have eaten the four little meals as "prescribed." Also, I got up the motivation to buy some running shoes that actually fit my feet for once. (The Running Company in downtown Lincoln) I think the shoes will really help me want to exercise. I know that sounds really silly, but I have such terrible feet problems that exercising hurt my feet the most!

Today I also took my measurements and wrote down my starting weight. Even if I can lose 15 pounds on this QuickTrim it's nowhere close to where I want to be, but I keep thinking it's a start. I truly believe I can do this. Once upon a time I was skinnier - not skinny - but skinnier and I can get there again. Below is a picture of me right after I graduated high school. Mind you, I didn't really eat senior year of high school because I had a few self-esteem issues going on, but I still think I can lose weight without my own mental games!

Any kind and encouraging words would be great as Jacy and I continue on to day two of this journey.

God Bless!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day One

Hey everyone! Welcome to the blogspot of Jess and Jacy's 14-Day QuickTrim Diet Plan.

A little about QT....
QuickTrim is a diet plan endorsed by Kim and Khloe Kardashian. It's basically a cleansing program designed for quick weight loss. During the 14-day plan, Jacy and I must take four AM pills (two in the morning, two in the afternoon) and four PM pills before bedtime. Then, the last few days of the diet, we'll start taking some water-weight pills to get rid of excess water. Also, we must work out two times a day for 30 minutes each (or once a day for an hour) and follow a strict eating plan. I guess Kim and Khloe have both had weightloss success - Khloe lost 15 pounds in 14 days and has managed to keep it off and look hot! :) (Watch Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami on Sunday nights on E! and you'll see.) And Kim, well, she's always hot!

Jacy and I really wanted to start this plan to give us the boost we need to loose weight. Perhaps if we dropped 15 pounds, we'd be more likely to keep on the diet. We wanted to create a blog (even if no one reads it) to hold ourselves accountable.

Today is our first day on the diet. We popped a couple of pills this morning and then went for a workout. I'll be honest, after taking the pills I felt like throwing up. Could have been the I-Hop we had at 1 a.m., but it could also be the pills. Also, after working out, we both felt like we were drunk. The pills have 200 mg of caffeine in them, so we were probably both a little buzzed.

We ate egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast - no lie, this will be a very, very bland diet plan. So beward if you're going to try the 14-day diet. Breakfast managed to fill me up okay though. We'll eat again in another hour or so... we're supposed to eat four times a day.

I swear our blogs will be more entertaining as the QuickTrim plan develops, but I just wanted to give everyone a brief overview of what the diet was really about.

CYB (Thanks Josh for this little saying - Count Your Blessings!) and wish us luck!!