Sunday, August 15, 2010


Here's the deal, folks. Although this blog says, , it's mostly my writing and mostly my opinions. Sometimes Jacy gets on here to write, but for the most part, it's all me and what I think. So, when you read something on here that truly pisses you off, you can attack me. Do NOT attack my sister. However, just like Perez Hilton, I have the freedom to express my opinions how I want because, well, it's MY blog. If I wanted to hear your opinions, I'd go to YOUR blog.

The blog is designed to let me vent in what ever fashion I want. Whether it be through a funny story or down right bitch-fest. It helps me vent. This blog leaves Jacy and/or I with a reservation of rights to say how we feel and how our opinions are not necessarily fact. However, we can call them like we see them because, well, it's our blog.

I've finally found a place to vent whatever rage I have through this outlet (blogging) and by GOD I will do so. When I smell phonies, I'll blog about them. When I encounter shitty people, I'll write a blog. When I see some girl fall on the treadmill, I'll write about her. When I walked across campus with my underwear showing, I wrote about it. Get the picture? And I'll say it one more time. This. Is. My. Blog.

So, if you have any problems with what I write, I'd say to check yourself at the door first because what makes you think I hold society's opinions? (just read the pregnant women blog if you want an example....who doesn't love pregant bellies? Just me. Society loves pregnancy). But, if you must confront me, just do it. Reply to one of my posts or shoot me an email. Please don't curse me out or fly off with the F-word. I do love the F-word, but it makes you people sound uneducated in confrontation. Try something more like, "Hey, bitchface, why'd you write such blasphemous stuff?" (The word, blasphemous, would help me recognize that you are indeed educated and you can critique my views. The word, bitchface, would make me laugh.) Chances are, I'll tell you why I wrote the post and deal with the situation in a mild manner. Then I'll remind you that this is my blog and I'll do what I want. Capeesh?

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