Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Three: Weird Night

Up and at 'em after a really weird night's sleep. Jacy and I took four nighttime pills before bed and I think they might have caffeine in them because I was up for hours watching the ceiling. I should have known the night was going to be weird, considering how it started...

Jacy and I have been sleeping together so we actually wake each other up in the morning. If I'm not getting up, she'll push me out of bed and vice versa. Well, last night our bodies were completely exhausted after working out twice. As soon as she hit the sheets she kind of curled up next to me and I was just thinking, "what the f*ck is she doing?" I'm not much for snuggling, so I didn't move. Then I hear this "mmmm" come out of her mouth and I was really like, "WTF!!" And she started giggling and was like, "Wow, that was a really sexual sound." That it was. She claimed that her body was so relaxed it just let out a weird "mmmm" sound. I was completely grossed out nevertheless.

I swear these pills have some sort of giggling agent in them, too. All I do is giggle. I can't stop. I'll think if something remotely funny and lose it with laughter!

Okay, wow, it's 8 and I NEED to get ready for class. Long day ahead. Already ate some egg whites and tomatoes for breakfast, but not quite sure when/if I'll have time to eat again today. Wish me luck!!

PS-Thanks for all of the support everyone is giving us! We love the text messages and twitter messages - keeps us motivated!!!

God Bless,

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