Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day Four: Oops...

Let's just say Jacy and I had a little breakdown in our QuickTrim quest. We both started the day great... each eating, like, 80 calories all day. Anorexia? Probably. That's what we thought, too, so we decided to stop our eating disorder before it even started...and did what any natural human being might do when they're hungry... we ATE. And we ate well. I'ma talkin' 'bout some good ol' Tex Mex food courtesy of TACO JOHNS.

Earlier though, we really lost it. I'm talking lost it. Two hungry Schwager girls living under one roof was really scary. Okay, I don't think I'm that scary, but Jacy turns in to a fricking monster. Like ahhhhbugabugabugaahhhh scary. I called her on my way home from work today to see if I could just swing by the apartment and pick her up so we could stop by the YMCA and get a membership. Here's how the conversation went:

Jacy: "Hello?"
Me: "Hey, I'm at 14th and Superior right now. Can I just swing by and pick you up, it's been a really long day and I'm about out of gas. I don't really feel like turning off my car and climbing the stairs."
Jacy: "I haven't even brushed my teeth yetttt."
Me: "What the heck have you been doing all day?"
Jacy: "AHHHH. Why are you always yelling at me? If you're too Goddamned lazy to climb up the stairs then why the fuck are you getting a pass to the YMCA?"

The bitch hung up on me! What the hell? I was just trying to prove the point that since she's done absolutely nothing and I mean nothing today. She didn't even brush her teeth! But noooo. I'm an asshole for asking her to meet me downstairs.

Things between us didn't get much better until two burritos, two orders of potato oles, and an order of sopapillos later.

Lesson learned on Day Four: We can't possibly starve ourselves and get along under one roof.

New plan - continue to take QuickTrim, but eat a little more than 80 calories per day.

Soon you'll probably be getting Jacy's version of the story. Don't believe it. She's probably hungry again and is most likely going to be a monster in this blog as well.

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