Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss...

...or something like that.

The amount of ignorant people in my Tuesday afternoon English class is quite bewildering. You may be reading this and thinking I'm just a bitch on my soap box. And you're quite right. I've had it up to here in this stupid class. Well, I shouldn't say "stupid class" because I think my professor is quite intelligent. But the idiots in my class are mind-blowing.

Take the dumbass who sits in front of me. Even my I-Pod (on its highest level, mind you) can't tune this crazy out. Every day it's something new. How obnoxiously rich her parents are and how they wanted to send her to a private school, but she decided to be the nice daughter that she is and suggest the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. I guess she's from Minneapolis, so she's paying out-of-state tuition anyway. Would this be much different than some Minnesota private school? Who knows. Either way, her Chuck Taylors and basic Target Ts tell me that she is definitely not the richest chick on the planet.

A week ago, I got so bored with the remarks in this class that I began to count the number of times my peers used the word, "like." In 15 minutes, the word "like" was, like, used, like, over 120 times. Since, like, the majority of the students in this class are, like, English majors, you would think, like, their vernacular would, like, be slightly more advanced - well at least, like, while they're, like, in the English college. Outside of class, like, I could really give, like, two shits what they talk like.

But today hit a whole new level of stupidity. We were discussing Willa Cather and her overall dislike for Nebraska. Something got brought up about how city folk don't know much about Nebraska life. Some girl, who said she was from Omaha, was really sad that out-of-staters think Nebraska is full of a bunch of cattle and cornfields. After all, she is from Omaha and to find cattle or cornfields, one would have to drive miles and miles out of the Omaha city limits. Then - here's where her knowledge of Nebraska really shined through - she said she could sometimes understand where the out-of-staters were coming from because 93 percent of Nebraska's land is filled with cornfields.

Ninety-three percent? Really? I mean, I would like to think that if 93 percent of Nebraska is a cornfield that NE could probably provide ethanol-enriched fuel to the entire country.

What would I know, though? I'm just po' country folk.

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