Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Did that just happen?

I legitimately want to become a runner. I think setting running goals will be a heckuva lot easier than setting weight loss goals, so I'm trying to get into some sort of running routine at the YMCA.

The new Y on Fallbrook is amazing. They have all sorts of workout machines, including a shit-ton of treadmills. Its treadmills are much better than the ones in our apartment complex's clubhouse - plus they have mini TVs attached.

One of the great features of all treadmills, though, is their emergency STOP cords. Generally, you're supposed to attach it to an article of your clothing so in case you fall off the treadmill the machine stops. Not a tough concept, right?

Well, evidently the lady two treadmills down from me did not get this memo. Tonight, I was going about 6 mph and she was dominating my pace, so I'm going to say she was going at least 7 mph. We were both minding our own business, both watching Wheel of Fortune, when she tripped on her shoelaces...and....SPLAT. All I could think was, "Holy fucking shit!! Did that just happen?" I took a quick glance around and everyone else was obviously thinking the same thing.

Seriously, it was like watching a bug hit a windshield. Since her emergency cord didn't pull, she ended up sort of rolling off the treadmill. First her feet, then her legs, then her abs....but her feet got caught on the treadmill behind her and she just sort of laid there as her own treadmill ran over her. I really thought she was dead for a moment, but then she popped up like she didn't just fall of her treadmill. It all happened so fast and, if it weren't for the blood running down her arm, I probably would have believed nothing happened. That'll teach her to use her emergency cord.

But as for me....I'm thinking I'm going to try the stairstepper tomorrow....

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