Monday, April 19, 2010

Our lives belong on MTV...

With gymnastics season over and Jacy getting a new job, we've already found that we've had more time on our hands...and it's only been ONE day. :-) Although Jacy posted two of the funniest posts ever written, I thought I would share a couple of quotes from us recently that solidifies our thinking of why we need to have a reality TV show. The shit we do/say is just so dumb. Enjoy.

Background: Jacy's been sick for two weeks now.
"Girl, you should really go to the doctor." -Me
"Nawww...I don't do doctors." - Jacy
"Really?? Because I do." - Me

Background: I was getting ready for class and saw a cute pair of jean shorts on the ground.
"Hey Jacy, are those cute EXPRESS shorts on the floor yours?" -Me
"Wait, what shorts?"-Jacy
"The EXPRESS shorts on the floor by the bathroom." - Me
"Yeah, they're mine." - Jacy
"Where'd you get them from?" - Me
"Uh.... EXPRESS."-Jacy

Background: Jacy and I were watching "The Way We Were" last night before bed. Barbara Streisand's character, Katie, was taking off her clothes and jumping into bed with a very drunk Hubble (Robert Redford).
"Katieeee. Don't be a creeper." -Jacy

Background: Jacy and I sitting on the couch and chair surfing the net. I came across an old document I had saved that had my old email accounts and passwords in it.
"OH MY GOD. Jacy, I was such a loser. I used to have an email account called" -Me
Jacy just laughed uncontrollably.

Okay those are just a few quotes. I'll keep you posted how our night goes. This is the first night we've spent together for weeks.

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