Monday, April 19, 2010

Beer Goggles

(Jacy posting...again)

Jessica is making me post this story. I swear we're not alchys. This story and the one I just posted just happened to take place when we were shnockered.

Yesterday was the Husker Spring Game. A lot of you may know what that means... Lincoln was a-hoppin. The Spring Game provides an opportunity to fans to come together and support the Huskers...and get their drink on. And I did just that.

So after a day and night full of football and partying, by 2:30 A.M., I wasn't exactly in the finest of conditions. I fell asleep on a big bean bag and when my friends tried to wake me to go home I apparently kept yelling at them, "Two turns to the left!". After they had all left me because of my reluctance to wake up, I finally manage to rouse and looked at the couch and saw a girl sleeping there who strongly resembled one of my best friends, Brooke. Brooke and I were wanting to hang out all evening, and in my state of mind, I must have thought she had somehow navigated her way to me.

Me, to Brooke on the couch: "Brooke! You made it!"
Brooke: "Mmhmm."
Me: "Thank God, I'm gonna come cuddle on the couch with you. I'm cold!"
Brooke: "Mmhmm."
(Next morning, still on the couch together, just barely waking up...)
Brooke: "Thanks for cuddling, Amber!"
Me: "...I'm not Amber. Holy shit. You're not Brooke!"
Brooke: "Who the hell are you? I don't even know you."
Me: "I don't even know you either!"
Brooke "You should get up. It's hot."

She was a Brooke-a-like. Actually, she didn't even look like Brooke. They both had brown hair. That's it. Holy awkward balls.


  1. wow. this is just as bad as my spooning incident... which i won't post any details. you can just ask me about it ;)

  2. You must tell us when you come over!