Monday, October 12, 2009

Two Jacys? Eh?

Jacy and I are sitting here together for once in our lives. We haven't seen each other for days and days and it's very sad. However, we reunited only to find out that we seriously have some sort of plague or something. It's some sort of freaky-deeky boy plague. No lie. But then, after discussing our boy issues (which I will definitely save for another blog), Jacy told me about some facebook stalker girl.

Please listen. This is very important information that you should not take lightly.

Jacy and I started talking about pen names and fake email addresses and all of that stuff we all used to do when we were second graders. But, evidently, there's some sort of Jacy stalker on the loose. Well, I'm not quite sure if she really is a stalker, but all of the evidence leads to stalkerisms.

Back in February, one of Jacy's friends (we'll call him Bob) sent her an email to tell her that some girl going by the name "Kasey Marie" had stolen all of Jacy's pictures off of facebook to create her own profile. At first, Jacy just thought it was some sort of scam or something, but sure as shit, Jacy looked up the name "Kasey Marie" and found her (Jacy's) face as the profile picture! Can you believe this?

Then Bob told Jacy that Kasey (getting confusing, I know) had created, like, seven different facebook albums all featuring the Jacy we all know and love. She would also put captions under all of the pictures...i.e. Me spiking the volleyball!; Me with my besties!; Me looking hot!; etc.

Jacy got completely freaked out so decided to add this girl as a friend. But Kasey Marie decided to fall of the face of the earth. Then, suddenly, tonight Jacy thought of doing a facebook search for her and SHE WAS FRICKIN' ON FACEBOOK AGAIN!! She was even sporting a profile picture of Jacy and her boyfriend kissing. Can you believe this shit??

Omigosh, so the moral of this story is...PROTECT YOUR SHIT. Please. Don't worry, my detective nose is on this like white on rice so we will get to the bottom of this. But careful out there on this wonderful thing called the world wide web.
God Bless!

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