Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh Apartment Living...

Jacy and I never should have opted to live together. We are the two messiest human beings in the entire world. I love how I'm always bagging on her for being a slob, but in all reality, I'm a complete Messy Jessie...I just have a bigger closet to hide my mess in. But two weeks ago I hit an all-time high in my messy/lazy-ass nature.

Jacy and I were taking a break from our normal homework routines to do our nails. We used numerous cotton swabs and Kleenexes (filled with nail polish remover) to get our nails to look perfect. Our nails looked damn good, but when we were all finished the apartment smelled like a little Asian nail parlor. I tried stuffing the cotton swabs/Kleenexes to the bottom of my trash can, but the smell permeated throughout the entire apartment.

It was raining cats and dogs out, so I didn't really want to run the trash outside. But the apartment smelled soooo bad. Usually, I would just throw the trash out on the balcony, but Deer Park has strict rules prohibiting apartment dwellers to put trash on the balcony. So...I did what any genius would do. I threw the mass of cotton swabs/Kleenexes down the toilet.

Poor frickin' choice. It seemed to all go down the first time. But then I used the bathroom later that evening and my toilet was most certainly clogged. I didn't know what the heck to do! Jacy and I didn't own a plunger! So I ran down to the local Walgreens and bought a $3.99 plunger and then googled how to plunge a toilet. (This is how truly clueless I am.) NOTHING WORKED!

By this time, I was way too scared/embarrassed to call the Deer Park offices for help. I really didn't want them snaking the toilet or anything like that for fear they would find my mass of fingernail polish supplies. So, I again did what any normal genius would do - I just let the toilet be. For two weeks.

After using Jacy's toilet for two weeks, I finally got up the gumption to go into the Deer Park offices and ask for assitance. I mean, clogged toilets are a pretty common thing, right? But the first thing my landlord asked me was how did I clog the toilet. Frickin' awkward question, right? Most people clog toilets by, well, pooping, right? So who in their right mind would ask that awkward question!? I just ignored the question and acted like I had NO IDEA what happened... But I nonchalantly said that my trashcan sat right by my toilet, so something definitely could have made its way into my toilet...

Needless to say, she finally sent someone over to unclog the toilet...And she gave me a sweet-ass plunger! Now when I'm feeling extremely lazy I can stick anything down the toilet and get it unclogged safely.

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