Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Things Pt2

I honestly have nothing to say right now, but I figured it's been a while since I've touched base so here I am.

First off, I'm watching Grey's Anatomy right now and holy cow, there's a guy on this episode who looks like a freaking Africa tree. And while Dr. Bailey was chopping off his tree-like warts, a HUGE spider flew out at her! I feel all itchy right now. My ears keep tingling like they do when I find a tick on my body. Ga-ross. It's weird how something on TV makes me feel so disgusting. Ooo.... now McDreamy is opening his shirt. Hmm.....currently TV is making me feel disgusting in a whole different way.

What's new with me you might ask? Well, let us discuss.

Football is in full swing right now and I'm running around like a mad person. I worked last week's OU vs. Texas game (or Texas vs. OU game, depending on who you ask). Since OU won, I will refer to it as the OU vs. Texas game. What an experience! I was so happy to finally be back working football games. I love working games. And I get to work another one on Saturday (Texas A&M vs. Arkansas). I've heard about the A&M yell leaders, so I'm super excited to get a chance to see them. I'm not sure how I feel about a bunch of guy cheerleaders, so I'm interested to see how this goes down. I'm not at all sexist, but if you know me at all, you'd know that I'm a huge cheerleading fan. "Bring It On" is one of my guilty pleasures. And now that I've found Hellcats, I can continue to feed that pleasure. I think it's because people always want what they can't have and I really, really wish I could have been a cheerleader. I would give my right tit to be able to do so much as a summersault, so cheerleading is completely intriguing. Not to mention, I'd love to me super thin and super tan and be able to wear a skimpy cheerleading outfit. Oh and I'd love to be able to use "like" more than I do now and sound okay doing it. Like, don't ya think?

Sorry, I got off on a cheerleading tangent. I didn't mean to. I'm just so passionate. I will seriously stay up late at night and watch cheerleading competitions on ESPNU. I just think cheerleading is so underrated. The other day, Mike and Mike in the Morning were discussing whether or not cheerleading is a sport and they decided that it wasn't. I nearly called in to give them a piece of my mind. Can Mike or Mike do a double-axel-triple-barrel-half-turn-flippity-doo while still managing to smile and cheer? And there I go again....bahhh.

What else is new?

I hooked up my Skype cam for the first time last weekend and got to meet my handsome nephew. That kid has feet almost as big as mine! (Okay, not really, that was me exaggerating.) But you know how you can judge how big a dog is going to get by how big his paws are? I'm just saying, I'm going to start investing in this kid right now. I call dibs on being his agent. I'm really predicting a future NFL career-turned pro-baseball career out of this kid. I got to see AJ, too! And believe me, that kid won't need sports to be popular. He can just look at you with his big gorgeous eyes and long eyelashes and make you melt. He's going to be a Zack Morris. I'm totally calling it right now.

Speaking of Zack Morris, I've discovered something. I am not a morning person at all. Come to think of it, I'm really not quite sure who is... (Maybe my parents? They're always up at the ass-crack of dawn.) But there is one thing that makes me WANT to get up in the mornings. One thing that makes me set my alarm for 6 a.m. every day. What's that you say? A big ol' cup of Folgers? NOPE. It's SAVED BY THE BELL on TBS! I'm really addicted. I started watching about 6 weeks ago and just recently, Zack and Kelly got married in Vegas. Now TBS is starting over from episode 1 again (with Miss Bliss and all!) Granted, Saved By The Bell didn't start getting good until Slater entered the picture, but I don't mind that Nikki chick and that other Slater wannabe. Yesterday TBS threw me for a loop though because they played "Yes, Dear" instead of Saved By The Bell. I got really pissed off and had a really bad day. What the heck is Yes Dear anyway? Was that even ON TV? But they got their senses back and played SBTB again this morning.

Thinking of mornings - one morning, I discovered that my left rear blinker wasn't working. I drove around on it for a while, but realized that it is really, REALLY tough to drive around Dallas with no left blinker. Don't let Southern charm fool you. Texas drivers are real assholes. Don't count on ANYONE letting you into your desired lane on a busy morning. And forgetaboutit without a blinker. At one point, I was sticking my hand out the window POINTING to the lane I wanted to get into. When that didn't work, I just started veering and praying to God that someone would stop. They always did.

Anywho, I'm poor as a pauper, so I couldn't really afford to take my car to a shop and spend 50 bucks to get a blinker fixed. So, I decided that I was Jessica-mutha-truckin'-goldschwager and I was going to DO IT MYSELF. After much googling and looking in my car's owner's manual, I was confident in my skills. I went to Walmart and bought the right bulb, then I found a few tools to help me out. After nearly tearing my trunk apart, I finally decided to call my parental units and ask for their help. I figured, hell, my dad took apart tractors and shit, surely he'd help me. After the first two seconds of my phone call to my 'rents, I found out they had zero faith in my abilities. I heard my dad shouting in the background, "Tell her to take it to some place like Green's (being the local one-stop full-service shop in my hometown)." Mom: "Genneee, there isn't a place like Green's in Dallas. It's a bit bigger than places in Nebraska!" Dad: "Well tell her I couldn't even change a blinker if I wanted to, so she needs to take it somewhere."

Well, they were no help. So I hung up, thoroughly pissed, and read the manual one more time. Then, after popping off my entire tail light, I figured out how to change the bulb. I called my parents five minutes later to gloat, gloat, gloat. So, basically, I'm a better mechanic than my dad. Just sayin.' (just kidding Pops. I've seen your skillzzzz.)

Okay, this girl is hitting the hay. I have a busy weekend planned after hitting up some FUN tomorrow night. And I have Saved By The Bell to look forward to in 6 hours!

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