Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm A Creep

After my third straight hour of watching E! this afternoon, I came to the conclusion that I am a real creep. No, I wasn't watching normal E! shows like "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," or "Spin Crowd" (even though I am obsessed with both of those shows). In my first hour, I watched E! Investigates Odd People. The second hour was spent watching E! Investigates Jaycee Dugard. And for the third hour, I watched Too Young To Kill.

For the better part of my ONE free afternoon, I sat around and watched a bunch of weirdos killing each other. That's really, really creepy. What if my coworkers ask what I did all weekend? Am I supposed to tell them that I watched a documentary about a guy who thought he was a vampire start a cult and eventually kill his girlfriend's parents for their blood? No, that makes me sound like a weirdo.

But I personally feel like I was being more educational than creepy. For instance, The Odd People documentary was pretty cool. I learned about cranial conjoined twins, who are pretty famous. They appeared on the Jerry Springer show and have made quite a name for themselves. You've probably never heard of them though because the one chick can't decide on a name. She didn't like the name her parents gave her, so she decided to legally rename herself "Reba." But Reba wasn't unique enough for her because her favorite country superstar's name was Reba, so she eventually changed her name to George (yeah, because that's an original name). The girl named George even appeared in some Hollywood flick. Or would it be both girls? Although they claim they are their own people and I don't doubt that, I think both of them would have appeared in the same movie if they were conjoined at the head. But George insisted that she was the only famous one.

The Jaycee documentary was good, but it pissed me off. I honestly couldn't concentrate on the story line because the narrator kept pronouncing Jaycee's name wrong - kind of like how people pronounce my own Jacy's name wrong. Hey friends, it's not "J. C." or "JAY see," it's Jacy. One word. Like Lacy. Do you say "LAY see?" No you don't. It's a flowy name. Say it like that. Maybe my ears are just weird nowadays. Or maybe it's my concentration. Either way, I find it really hard to watch sitcoms anymore because of the laugh tracks. So, the slight mispronounciation of Jaycee made me zone out for the rest of the show.

But I was all ears for the killing kids one. It was honestly a great documentary to play in light of all the bullying tragedies happening right now. This is me really not being sarcastic at all - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don't be mean to people. It's awful. Bullying causes people to do really tragic things, so be nice. But the vampire kid in the show was an exception. I have no idea why he wanted to be a vampire. But, none-the-less, he convinced a bunch of kids to also be vampires. And this was back before being a vampire was cool. If someone wanted to start a vampire cult today, I wouldn't question it at all. But this was 10 years ago. Anyway, the '90s version of Edward Cullen convinced his cult-mates to cut each others arms and suck each other's blood. So technically they didn't kill anyone - well, until he beat his girlfriend's parent's brains in. He got sentenced to life in prison, but somehow still managed to find love. I guess some criminal justice major was studying his case and ended up interviewing him and falling in love with him. They got married and are very happy together. Well, sort of together. I bet they haven't consumated anything and probably never will considering he's serving life without parole. That's some freaky shit.

On that note, I'm now off to watch my favorite serial killer, Dexter...

Don't judge me.

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