Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh Jacy

I just got this text from Jacy (we really have some creeps that live in our apartment complex) and I thought I'd share.

"I just googled sex offenders in Lincoln. None live in our apartment complex. I almost hoped there was one so we could use that as an excuse to move."


  1. I am currently looking for an apartment and came across Deer Park. I saw you were the only fan of Deer Park on Facebook, so that's how I got here. I was wondering why you need an excuse to move. Is it something I should be aware of concerning Deer Park if I choose to move their? Would you like to provide any comments that would swing me one way or the other? How creepy are the people around their? How is Cynthia, the resident manager? Thanks for the help!

  2. Sorry I just now got this message! Actually, Deer Park is one of the nicest places I've lived. Our neighbors are super weird though. lol. As you can tell by this post. I think it's just because I'm used to living places where I actually see my neighbors and talk to them. The neighbors here are kind of rude....not friendly at all. The sucky part about Deer Park is the rent. It's out of this world compared to other places in Lincoln (and places that are this expensive are way bigger). Cynthia (Cindy) is super, super nice though. Very helpful and if there are any problems (loud neighbors, plugged toilets) she's on it immediately. If you're a partier though, DO NOT MOVE HERE. They don't allow any noise at all. (well, except for our downstairs neighbors who play shitty music all of the time. :S) but otherwise you're supposed to be super quiet. We really wish we would have lived somewhere a little cheaper. But if you can afford it, it's a nice place. Hope I've helped!