Monday, November 16, 2009

Just jiggle it...

I really like Jacy being at the College of Hair Design. Wanna know why? Because her family members get a College of Hair Design discount! HECK YEAH! This discount has really helped me find my inner fake broad. And it all started off with a fake bake - the healthy way - with a spray tan!

Last week, I went to the CHD asthetics school to get a spray tan per Jacy's suggestion. The tanning experience was unlike any other. I was forced to strip down into bathing suit bottoms, where I was then instructed to lie belly-up on a crazy "Hostel"-like bed. (It's actually some sort of fancy shower than manipulates the body's muscles and fat tissues, but it looked like a killing machine...eek!) Then, a CHD student came in and rubbed me down with all sorts of exfoiliators before spray tanning me. Everything went alright in the spray tan, well minus the fact I had to wear disposable underwear! Yeah, awkward considering they resembled a g-string. After the tan I had to air dry in front of a fan for 20 minutes. My spray tan lady had just left the room and I was standing almost naked in front of a fan and a mirror with my arms up to dry the tan. In such a position, I noticed the lovely fat deposits that hung from my arms. So what does any normal person, standing spread-eagle in front of a mirror do? Jiggle their arm fat of course! About five swings into my arm-fat jiggling, I looked up to find that my spray tan technician was staring straight at me... with a horrified look on her face. Then, instead of pretending like she didn't see anything, she had the audacity to ask me if everything was okay. I just gave a little grin and said it was weird how the spray tan clung to every hair on my body.

Needless to say, I went in again yesterday for another spray tan and I requested another lady to do my tan. Things got a little too personal between me and the first lady...

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