Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Christmas, Become A Belieber

Great news for Beliebers out there! Justin Bieber released his new Christmas single, "Under the Mistletoe," yesterday. Here's a link to the song via gossipcop.com:


My friend, Kylie, made me aware of the song with this message:

"HIIII so this morning I downloaded Justin Biebers new Christmas song mistletoe… it’s so bad… but soooooo good. his grownup voice is sexy…"

And she is so right. It's really the worst song I've ever heard, but yet, somehow, it's so freaking good. I've listened to it three times this morning. And how about that sexy grown-up voice? My informant (Kylie) says the whole Christmas album will be out on November 1st. Get ya some.

An open note to Justin Bieber:

I will mother your children.


Seeing is beliebing.

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